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6 Tips for successfully preparing your property for being SOLD or LET

Published On: 25th March

The key thing when marketing your property will come from how you present your home in a way that makes the buyer or prospective tenant want to take on your property. Once they have understood the outside extrinsic benefits such as local amenities that work for them, the important intrinsic emotions of how they feel in the property is something that is crucially important to get right.


1. The property must be clean

Good hygiene in a property can be the difference between a viewer walking straight out of the property or giving you the time to carry on viewing and assess whether or not they would feel comfortable living there. This is a very important point for renters who are seeking a ready-made home.

2. Make sure there is no mess

Clutter and mess will hide the true beauty of a property and its features that would normally stand out and give it that unique selling point which other competing properties will likely have when the house is not a mess 

3. Keep the house fresh

A good-smelling house is something that is vitally important. Viewers tend to use more than just one of their senses when viewing and if visually the house looks amazing but smells bad can be the difference between losing a great candidate or helping them decide if they want your property

4. Flooring and carpeting needed

A family house would always benefit if correctly placed flooring on the ground floor is added along with homey carpets placed on the stairs and upstairs area.

5. Ensure good lighting

Dull and grey would always lose in comparison to a bright airy property that makes the person viewing feel like they are in a positive space


6. Right balance of furniture

A fine balance needs to be made between too much furniture and too little furniture as the right amount of furniture can give your viewer an idea of what it would be like to genuinely live in the property.

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