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Amazing Places To Visit In Coventry

Published On: 26th February

There’s no surprise that Coventry has great places to visit for its own residents and people from afar coming to live in the city. Tenants, buyers, and investors need to know a few of the best places to visit when looking to potentially move to Coventry. There’s a reason why Coventry won the award for UK City 2021!

The city has a rich heritage of streets and locations, with beautiful Shakespearian-style houses located around the city.


Medieval Spon Street

This street has a wealth of medieval and Tudor properties in one location. This street stands as a living museum for historic architecture and a place in the city centre to enjoy speciality shopping, pubs and restaurants within stunning listed buildings.



Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral is famous for its striking design which was originally built in the 14th Century. The medieval structure was substantially damaged by the Blitz in 1940 but was rebuilt with awe-inspiring modern building design.


War Memorial Park


The War Memorial Park in Coventry was built throughout the 1920s-1930s to honour the city’s fallen World War 1 soldiers. This park is fantastic for everyone seeking a great day out! This huge colourful garden comes equipped with football pitches, tennis courts, playgrounds and a golf course. This premier park in Coventry attracts 400,000 visitors yearly from locals and people around the world, showing how popular a destination this place really is.


Coventry Transport Museum

The Coventry Transport Museum holds the world’s largest collection of publicly owned British-built automobiles. The museum shares its rich history of automobile manufacturing in a fun and exciting way making it suitable for all ages. This location Houses nearly 250 automobiles, 300 bicycles and 100 motorcycles of the last 200 years.


Coventry Canal

The Coventry Canal was originally built in the 1700s to transport coal to Bedworth, Nuneaton, and the rest of the Midlands and beyond. Today the Coventry Canal offers a great day to enjoy Boat Trips, view historic architecture and experience local restaurants and entertainment.




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